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Preparing Dough


We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to pizza restaurants in Linton. Hopefully we can offer you some reasons to choose Goosepond Pizza.

Our People

We are locally owned; not a national chain with out-of-state owners. Our employees are local people who enjoy their job and recognize that without you, the customer, they don’t have a job. Our goal is to treat each customer with respect.

Our Philosophy

Eternity matters. Everything else is temporary. Goosepond Pizza gives away over 10% of its profits to make eternal differences in the lives of people. So when you choose Goosepond Pizza, you are choosing to help us make a difference.

Our Pizza

Don’t settle for frozen dough. Ours is made fresh daily. Our sauce has a touch of sweetness and a secret blend of spices. So much cheese... order a 16” pizza with extra cheese and we’ll put over a pound of cheese on it. Bottom line... we’re not trying to make the cheapest pizza, we’re striving to make the best! Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Our Building

We try to create a pleasant family environment and no loud music or dark lighting like you may find in other restaurants. We take pride in our building and think it’s the cleanest in town.

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